The best way to learn Polish is to study where it all began: in Poland! It makes sense to combine studying with visiting the fascinating city of Krakow.

Krakow is the city where Polish culture and art have both flourished and been preserved throughout the ages. It is a city strongly connected with the Polish history. It was the capital of Poland for many centuries and, although Krakow is devoid of that title now, it will remain the Polish kings’ residence forever.

The citizens of Krakow are very proud of their city. Living in Krakow is the secret desire of many Poles. Young people from the all over Poland and even from abroad, come to Krakow to study, alongside the great number of tourists who come to meet interesting people and for sightseeing. All of them experience the unique atmosphere of a truly magic city  that is full of life... even at night!

Krakow is the cultural centre of Poland and it’s a perfect place to practice Polish. We want to build warm relations between our guests and the Poles. It is the best way to make our guests from abroad feel at home. Everyone can be our guest!

You have to spend few days in Krakow to feel its atmosphere. This city reveals its charm bit by bit. A weekend – that’s not enough to see the whole city, but one week – it’s enough to fall in love with it!

You should definitely see the biggest market square in Europe – the medieval Main Market Square. It is essential to visit the Wawel Castle, to take a walk through narrow lanes of old Jewish city – Kazimierz, or along the bank of The Vistula, take a rest in Planty Park and look at the city from the height of mounds.