A year-long Polish language course lasts from October to June and it’s divided onto two terms. One term consists of 64 lessons (45 minutes) – i.e. 32 meetings for 90 minutes each. During that time we execute one level of course (two 90-minutes meetings per week).

Price for one semester in standard mode = 200 euro.

Registration for standard courses in the autumn/winter semester (starting October 2010) has begun. We also offer one-month intensive courses.

Registration is still open!


Intensive one-month course lets you to finish all term in one month (3 meetings for three lessons = 45 minutes per week ).

Price for term in intensive mode = 180 euro.

Dates of meetings are fitted to your needs (contact us to find out more).


We teach on levels based on your knowledge of Polish:

A1. Basic level, for people who have never learned the language. Learning of correct spelling, pronunciation and intonation. Knowing simple sentence constructions.

Mastering basic grammar rules. Learning of simple, everyday vocabulary.

A2. Level for people who wish to start communicating in routine, simple situations in everyday life. Extending knowledge of language and grammar.

B1. Dedicated to people who want to broaden their basic knowledge of Polish. Course concentrated on improvement of all language skills, especially increasing vocabulary and speaking. Level also for those, who want to refresh their knowledge of Polish, after a long period of not using it.

B2. For people wish to communicate naturally in Polish language. We concentrate on practising language by contact with literature, music and art (with elements of business language).

C1, C2. Advanced levels for people with good or very good command of Polish. Practising understanding of very difficult texts both written and spoken, spontaneous expression of thoughts, free language using in contacts with others.